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What Our Customers Are Saying

Cold Air
Quality You can Depend On

"A coworker and I tried to push a sharpened pencil through [your] fabric.... we finally got it through but it took some work!"

Michelle, August 2005

Service You Can Trust

"The blimp looked great! We wanted to thank you for all your help."

Tonya, November 2005
She needed a blimp in 1 week!

Products that Meet Your Needs

"We have it and it is flying high....it looks great! Thank you so much for your patience through the process and a wonderful product!"

April, Memphis, TN
August 2008

Setting Your Company Apart

"The blimp was GREAT! Beautifully done by you guys, and on short notice as well. I think it gave our outdoor booth just that extra edge."

Mark H, Manager, West Coast Operations
July 2007

Delivering High Quality Products on Time!

"WOW [the blimp] looks great!! Thank you! Thank you for such amazing, prompt customer service and communication.
Like I said there is not anything like this around down here, so it might be the start of some new business between NZ and US for you!"

Mandy, Auckland, New Zealand
October 2012

Making You Look Good!

"The blimp was a great success!
"Our client was so excited, and everyone loved the blimp!"

Claire, Portland, Oregon
October 2014

Marketing Helps for Small Businesses

Advertising Blimps Work!

Advertising blimps are like a giant billboard above your business. They not only advertise your product but also direct customers to your location!

Contact: Laura via email or by phone at: 541 - 910 - 4994
Contact: Phillip via email or by phone at: 541 - 910 - 3697
Helium advertising balloons and helium advertising blimps offer cost-effective marketing options for your business or events. Our customers have commented time and again that these advertising balloons and blimps get them noticed. Advertising blimps are ideal for size for rectangled sized logos, while advertising balls work well for square-ish advertising logos. Our advice in designing your advertising product is to keep the message simple, so that people can read the marketing message on the ball or blimp from a good distance away.

For many business, our cold-air advertising systems are a good option. These marketing tools can be from 10- to 30-feet high. The most common shapes are figures and hot air balloons. Although these products require a larger capital outlay up front, they will last a long time given proper care. We have cold-air inflatables that we have been using for 5 years! All we have had to do is change out the advertising banners. It is hard to beat these cold-air advertising inflatables on a dollar for dollar value comparison with other types of marketing campaigns!

Give us a call at Oregon Blimps and let us know how we can help you get your business noticed using our helium advertising blimps and cold air inflatables.