Cold Air Inflatables *
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Height in Feet
Hot Air Balloon Shape (Representative Image) $2,098 + Shipping
Hot Air Balloon Shape (Representative Image) $4,255 + Shipping
Deluxe Santa Claus $6,656 + Shipping
Muscle Man $7,500 + Shipping


Cool Dog $5,531 + Shipping
105` Pennant Streamer
Light Kit with Fan and Safety Shutoff
Industrial Grade Fan

Cold Air Inflatables are durble and wind resistant. They will withstand winds up to 40 mph. The standard size for cold-air inflatables is 25ft. high. They can come in many shapes and sizes though. In our industry the hot-air balloon shape cold-air advertising balloons are referred to as "HAB's". You can order HAB's in almost color combination. You can choose one or two banner areas for your cold-air balloon or have logo or message put directly on the balloon.

Cold-air inflatables, if cared for properly, can provide many years of advertising usage. The cost of a cold-air balloon varies from less than $100 for an inexpenisve balloon for home use to many thousands of dollars for a commercial quality inflatable.

Our blowers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty, and in our experience they last much longer.

We have many colors available and we will work with you on any design.

Cold-air advertising balloons or cold-air advertising inflatables are an attractive and inexpensive way to get your message out.
The terms cold-air advertising balloons and cold-air advertising inflatables are used interchangeably.